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Spring Break CHS Family Vacation 2013

Our first family vacation started out a bit rough.. we got on the road on Friday 3/29/2013 and traffic was pretty tough as it was rush hour out of Atlanta, GA.


The first hour was spent with us explaining to Hart that we were going to the Beach and she accepted that willingly! We stopped for food outside of Covington, GA about an hour from the house to realize Sudesh forgot his wallet. At this point we decided to turnaround and get it and this put us another hour behind. We finally pulled in around 2am and everyone was asleep until 7am at which point Hart and Sol woke us up.

We dragged ourselves out of bed and day 1 of vacation had begun off to check on our rental house. Then breakfast at the Village Cafe, in old town Mt. Pleasnt, when we got home we decided to go to the Beach.

By the second day of our trip we had established that taking to young children on vacation, was much more of an adventure in child care than anything else! We learned a good bit about balancing priorities, and decided that next vacation we needed to find another couple with kids, that would be willing to help out. (let us know if your interested)

Day 3 and we got a bit more beach time and this helped out tremendously, Hart really liked the water, and this made us look forward to warmer weather. Unfortunately it was really windy on Folly so this meant no swimming or splashing. We also got to get a bike ride in and test the bike trailer.

Day 4 & 5 are a blur of sleepless nites as baby Sol was not happy about the change of venue and outings to take care of our house in Charleston!

And after all that we made it back safe and sound!

Pictures of the adventure are here:Pictures

Woof Woof! Puppy and Human went with us and loved the yard and sand!

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