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Poo Patrol

“What’s that Puppy?” asked Melissa.

“Ruff, ruff, rufffff…,” states Puppy.

“What’s that, Timmy fell down the well!” exclaimed Melissa.

“Ruff, ruff, rufffffff…,” replies Puppy again.

“It’s a well of poo?  Oh no!” cries Melissa.

So I just thought that Puppy was trying to help Hart but what I later discovered was NOT the case.  If you notice in the video Puppy keeps checking Hart’s butt, he was on Poo Patrol!  After I took Hart out of the bouncy chair (a few minutes later) I discovered that she had leaked through, gross!  But have no fears, Puppy is on the case just like Lassie.

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Feeding Time?


“I don’t wanna eat. I just want to sleep next to mommy,” stated Hartison. Around 12:30 am 2/2/2011

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