About Sudesh and Melissa

How we met:

Sudesh met Melissa 5 years ago but they where both preoccupied with there failing relationships. They met as the result of a common interests running and adventure seeking. So they where attracted to the same fanatical group of people the Atlanta Hash House Harriers. At that time Sudesh had recently returned to Atlanta from living and working all over the “states” mostly in San Diego. Melissa had also just moved from the west coast following a boyfriend and seek something new. So as life went on Melissa and Sudesh both found themselves happily single in the big city of Atlanta GA. Sudesh who had his fill of club life and “going out” was tired of the “Twist and Shout” scene. Melissa who had come from the sophisticated funk of San Francisco wanted nothing to do with the “dirty south” scene. So Sudesh along with his Friendo Sparks decided to plan a camping trip and invite a bunch of randoms. As luck would have it one of those randoms turned out to be Melissa. Sudesh astounded by her beauty, commenced drinking everything insight to build his confidence. Melissa not to be out done commenced drinking to understand what Sudesh’ was saying. Sudesh’s first attempt at romance was to ask Melissa to “help me fetch wood” away from the camp site. He failed miserably as picking up firewood and walking up a hill after drinking to much rum was a failure.

Sudesh however is a man with a strong will and determined spirit. After sniffing out the faint hint of romantic interest (something every single man becomes quite adapt at doing) he found a couple other opportunities to spend time with Melissa, who was certain to mention that she was keeping her options open. Melissa on the other hand had enrolled herself in the world of online dating. She found that this was much like opening a soda and leaving it out for an hour, initally there was some fizz but it soon feel flat. Sudesh remebering his Greco-Romain heritage harkned back to the “Feats of Strength”. His logic being very male went something like this “If I can run 1/2 a marthon and bike 60 miles she will know how amazing I am” Sudesh underwent a strenuous training regiment to accomplish all this but soon found he didn’t need to impress her. Melissa noticed that Sudesh was suddenly very interested in doing strenuous activities with her. She liked seeing him out and displaying his abilites.

After a while Melissa got over her inhibitions about Sudesh being substantially younger and almost short. She decided that it was worth it and that she maybe interested in something more serious. Sudesh for his part was ready to make his move; he did so by taking her 80’s dancing at East Side Lounge. Sudesh put his labbido to work on the dance floor and the result is the creation of a new marrage and this blog.\

The photo document evidence of this trip:

What is with the name “Increasingly Married”?

We haggled over names for quite some time, we went through all sorts of scenarios. This included what sounded cool, what friends and parents thought, foreign languages, definitions, synonyms, etc.

We finally boiled it down to what we both felt… and that was that our relationship was growing and that we where getting to know each other better. Ultimately we both felt this was the purpose of anything we documented. So that we and our friends could share in our adventures and experiences. It also helps us both reflect as we set down and discuss our experiences we realize our perceptions are entirely diffrent and makes us realize what bias we may have.


3 responses to “About Sudesh and Melissa

  1. Anita

    July 20, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    I have really enjoyed your website and reading on all of your commentaries about your trip. I especially like the part about how you guys met. Very funny and it gives me hope. Hope all is well.

  2. Dad

    August 12, 2008 at 3:55 am

    Edit your blathering drivel, you’re a teacher.

    • melsudi

      February 2, 2011 at 4:20 am

      I just edited a couple of posts. I need to give you editing rights. I love that even when we start having our own children we are reminded that we, ourselves, are still someone’s child. Love ya dad!


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