Ding… “Do you have to go to the potty?”

06 Jul


Hart is successfully potty trained.

But that did not come without some challenges.  I started out with a firm, “I will not reward her with candy or a treat to use the potty”. But that caved shortly after a few clean-ups, “Okay, you get an M&M when you use the potty”.  With a little bribery came greater success.  I also did the typical charting of times “hitting” the potty.  They say after 12 hits it starts to become automatic for kids.  That’s also common sense that if you do something long enough it becomes routine, a habit.  Every once in a while she will still ask for an M&M but we only give it to her if she asks.  That will soon be phased out.

Tapping into what I remember of my psychology classes, I decided to potty train Hart using a variety of behavioral theories…. B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning and Ivan Pavlov’s Law of conditioned reflex to behaviorally condition my child to use the toilet.  I also used techniques for potty training in three days from Julie Fellom’s Diaper Free Toddlers program.  A timer was used to remind Hart and myself that it was time to go.  I started with 20 minute increments only to move that to 15 then once we were accident free for a day, to 30 minutes and so on.  We are at an hour to two depending on the fluid intake.

It was a great feeling to clear the diaper bag of Hart’s diapers, but then loading the bag with more changes of clothes and underwear will still require me to haul crap around.  Not to mention the portable potty we now carry in the bag.

Well, it all paid off.  Hart is potty trained! And in 3 days!

You gotta love the graphing calculator, she uses it as her smart phone.  She was replying to an email.


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