A Memorial Weekend..

28 May

The journey with the kids continues, we have some friends that were kind enough to invite us to there creek side mountain cabin when they head up {For Memorial Day weekend 2013}. Its always nice to go to a place that can accommodate our dogs and our kids! On this particular trip we had lots of fun with the kids, creek, outdoors and nearby town of Copper Hill, TN. ( Interesting side note the Bura Bura Mine in Ducktown, TN, was one of the 2 things that 1969 astronauts could see from space when they first entered (the Great wall was the other))

2013-05-25 11.17.54

What we learned from this trip:

  • Planning meals ahead was a good idea, and left us time to run around and take great nature walks.
  • Yelp reviews pay-off and we found a great Cuban Sandwich shop!
  • The dollar general is a destination (as is Copper Hill and Maccaysville)
  • An outdoor water play ground will entertain toddler and adults during the middle of the day.
  • Bob strollers, definitely are suitable for gravel roads
  • Bring a projector to watch movies at night, was a great way for the adults to mellow out before bedtime 😉

Special thanks to the Walters for the accommodations, child care, and the invite.

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