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Nanny Search 2.0

WE have sad news, our wonderful nanny is leaving us for a job opportunity.  I knew this day would come but was hoping latter rather than sooner.  The positive side to all of this is that she will continue to be part of the family and join us in celebrations and watching our two little girls grow.

With that said, we are looking for a full-time nanny, description below.

This is a posting for a nanny to provide full-time care to two children (a toddler of 2 years and an infant of 3 months) in the grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia.

Scope of responsibilities: The hours of this position are 8 AM to 5 PM, during the day the nanny receives an hour of break time and 2, 30 minute breaks. Given the nature of childcare these breaks are dependent on the children being asleep or at a scheduled activity. The primary goal of this position is to provide high quality care for two children. As a result an applicant should review their own individual background and be able to speak to their unique qualifications for this position. The position also includes requirements in light household cleaning, shuttling, grocery shopping, and laundry as needed. Finally any applicant should be able to take on other duties as assigned (per a discussion of responsibilities and compensation of course).

The family: This position is in the home of a family with two full-time working adults, 2 medium-sized dogs, and two children. Occasionally the family will have house guests, family, and friends, over. One adult works from home in a separate office area away from main living quarters. Dogs have a full run of the living quarters with children, and occasionally may require petting. Depending on schedules and/or unforeseen circumstances such as sickness adults may choose to be at home during nanny care.

The philosophy: Given the many backgrounds of possible applicants the family strongly emphasizes a focus on the complete child. This includes extensive dialogue about discipline, responsibility, ethical and moral decision-making and social skills building. A well-versed candidate will be able to provide an interdisciplinary approach that includes age-appropriate educational activities, crafts & skill building, entertainment and extracurricular activities, and general practical home economics. Applicants with a four-year degree, international experience, a history of volunteerism, a unique familiarity with the East Atlanta / Grant Park area, and a desire to interact with two great kids, will receive preference in the interview process.

What you should know: This position requires a personality-based interview, which includes questions about your childhood and upbringing, questions about your discipline style, questions about your background and stability. Applicants will have to pass a credit and background check in order to proceed to final selection. Documentation of stable living situation and reliable transport may be needed.

Why this job: You will get to work in a highly flexible work environment, with a management team that is open to new ideas and provides a supportive working environment. Compensation is commensurate with current market salaries. This is not an hourly based position it is salaried, there is no variance in weekly/monthly pay. At the end of each quarter (three-month period) you are eligible for a bonus. Five paid holidays are included with this position. Each month accrual of one day of sick or personal time is achieved. This position includes a purchase card for expenses related to the position, and access to a well-equipped vehicle for transporting the children.

If you are interested and would like to set up an interview contact us via email to

Be sure to include a letter of introduction and in the subject line write “Nanny Search 2.0”


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