Playing Defense, Time to Share

So I am on my laptop this morning and my adorable daughter comes over and attempts to push the buttons, I guide her hand away and she tells me, “Mommy, you need to share”.  Seems all the repetition has paid off.


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Ding… “Do you have to go to the potty?”


Hart is successfully potty trained.

But that did not come without some challenges.  I started out with a firm, “I will not reward her with candy or a treat to use the potty”. But that caved shortly after a few clean-ups, “Okay, you get an M&M when you use the potty”.  With a little bribery came greater success.  I also did the typical charting of times “hitting” the potty.  They say after 12 hits it starts to become automatic for kids.  That’s also common sense that if you do something long enough it becomes routine, a habit.  Every once in a while she will still ask for an M&M but we only give it to her if she asks.  That will soon be phased out.

Tapping into what I remember of my psychology classes, I decided to potty train Hart using a variety of behavioral theories…. B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning and Ivan Pavlov’s Law of conditioned reflex to behaviorally condition my child to use the toilet.  I also used techniques for potty training in three days from Julie Fellom’s Diaper Free Toddlers program.  A timer was used to remind Hart and myself that it was time to go.  I started with 20 minute increments only to move that to 15 then once we were accident free for a day, to 30 minutes and so on.  We are at an hour to two depending on the fluid intake.

It was a great feeling to clear the diaper bag of Hart’s diapers, but then loading the bag with more changes of clothes and underwear will still require me to haul crap around.  Not to mention the portable potty we now carry in the bag.

Well, it all paid off.  Hart is potty trained! And in 3 days!

You gotta love the graphing calculator, she uses it as her smart phone.  She was replying to an email.


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A Memorial Weekend..

The journey with the kids continues, we have some friends that were kind enough to invite us to there creek side mountain cabin when they head up {For Memorial Day weekend 2013}. Its always nice to go to a place that can accommodate our dogs and our kids! On this particular trip we had lots of fun with the kids, creek, outdoors and nearby town of Copper Hill, TN. ( Interesting side note the Bura Bura Mine in Ducktown, TN, was one of the 2 things that 1969 astronauts could see from space when they first entered (the Great wall was the other))

2013-05-25 11.17.54

What we learned from this trip:

  • Planning meals ahead was a good idea, and left us time to run around and take great nature walks.
  • Yelp reviews pay-off and we found a great Cuban Sandwich shop!
  • The dollar general is a destination (as is Copper Hill and Maccaysville)
  • An outdoor water play ground will entertain toddler and adults during the middle of the day.
  • Bob strollers, definitely are suitable for gravel roads
  • Bring a projector to watch movies at night, was a great way for the adults to mellow out before bedtime 😉

Special thanks to the Walters for the accommodations, child care, and the invite.

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Spring Break CHS Family Vacation 2013

Our first family vacation started out a bit rough.. we got on the road on Friday 3/29/2013 and traffic was pretty tough as it was rush hour out of Atlanta, GA.


The first hour was spent with us explaining to Hart that we were going to the Beach and she accepted that willingly! We stopped for food outside of Covington, GA about an hour from the house to realize Sudesh forgot his wallet. At this point we decided to turnaround and get it and this put us another hour behind. We finally pulled in around 2am and everyone was asleep until 7am at which point Hart and Sol woke us up.

We dragged ourselves out of bed and day 1 of vacation had begun off to check on our rental house. Then breakfast at the Village Cafe, in old town Mt. Pleasnt, when we got home we decided to go to the Beach.

By the second day of our trip we had established that taking to young children on vacation, was much more of an adventure in child care than anything else! We learned a good bit about balancing priorities, and decided that next vacation we needed to find another couple with kids, that would be willing to help out. (let us know if your interested)

Day 3 and we got a bit more beach time and this helped out tremendously, Hart really liked the water, and this made us look forward to warmer weather. Unfortunately it was really windy on Folly so this meant no swimming or splashing. We also got to get a bike ride in and test the bike trailer.

Day 4 & 5 are a blur of sleepless nites as baby Sol was not happy about the change of venue and outings to take care of our house in Charleston!

And after all that we made it back safe and sound!

Pictures of the adventure are here:Pictures

Woof Woof! Puppy and Human went with us and loved the yard and sand!

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Nanny Search 2.0

WE have sad news, our wonderful nanny is leaving us for a job opportunity.  I knew this day would come but was hoping latter rather than sooner.  The positive side to all of this is that she will continue to be part of the family and join us in celebrations and watching our two little girls grow.

With that said, we are looking for a full-time nanny, description below.

This is a posting for a nanny to provide full-time care to two children (a toddler of 2 years and an infant of 3 months) in the grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia.

Scope of responsibilities: The hours of this position are 8 AM to 5 PM, during the day the nanny receives an hour of break time and 2, 30 minute breaks. Given the nature of childcare these breaks are dependent on the children being asleep or at a scheduled activity. The primary goal of this position is to provide high quality care for two children. As a result an applicant should review their own individual background and be able to speak to their unique qualifications for this position. The position also includes requirements in light household cleaning, shuttling, grocery shopping, and laundry as needed. Finally any applicant should be able to take on other duties as assigned (per a discussion of responsibilities and compensation of course).

The family: This position is in the home of a family with two full-time working adults, 2 medium-sized dogs, and two children. Occasionally the family will have house guests, family, and friends, over. One adult works from home in a separate office area away from main living quarters. Dogs have a full run of the living quarters with children, and occasionally may require petting. Depending on schedules and/or unforeseen circumstances such as sickness adults may choose to be at home during nanny care.

The philosophy: Given the many backgrounds of possible applicants the family strongly emphasizes a focus on the complete child. This includes extensive dialogue about discipline, responsibility, ethical and moral decision-making and social skills building. A well-versed candidate will be able to provide an interdisciplinary approach that includes age-appropriate educational activities, crafts & skill building, entertainment and extracurricular activities, and general practical home economics. Applicants with a four-year degree, international experience, a history of volunteerism, a unique familiarity with the East Atlanta / Grant Park area, and a desire to interact with two great kids, will receive preference in the interview process.

What you should know: This position requires a personality-based interview, which includes questions about your childhood and upbringing, questions about your discipline style, questions about your background and stability. Applicants will have to pass a credit and background check in order to proceed to final selection. Documentation of stable living situation and reliable transport may be needed.

Why this job: You will get to work in a highly flexible work environment, with a management team that is open to new ideas and provides a supportive working environment. Compensation is commensurate with current market salaries. This is not an hourly based position it is salaried, there is no variance in weekly/monthly pay. At the end of each quarter (three-month period) you are eligible for a bonus. Five paid holidays are included with this position. Each month accrual of one day of sick or personal time is achieved. This position includes a purchase card for expenses related to the position, and access to a well-equipped vehicle for transporting the children.

If you are interested and would like to set up an interview contact us via email to

Be sure to include a letter of introduction and in the subject line write “Nanny Search 2.0”


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Girdhari 2012 A Recap!

Well how do you really recap a year of life?  Girdhari holiday 2012

I guess we can start at the end of 2011…

Sudesh & Melissa enjoyed there time in Charleston, but as Hart was starting to get older we both realized it was time to to move back to Atlanta, GA.  We have both had a penchant for the city where we met and Sudesh has a large extended family living in the metro area. We both have life long friends who live close by and who have children in similar age groups. It was nice getting back to the city and we decided to rent a house for the year (2012). We both found jobs that we enjoy and got to work raising Hart!

Let’s look back on 2012…

January we celebrated Hart’s first year with a fun Chili Party!  And started the process for remodeling our May Ave house.

February we found out (Melissa) was pregnant, so we started the process of finding a family home (a house in which, we could raise a large family comfortably).  We also took a trip out to California to visit Grandpa Joe and Grandma AJ.  This is also were Sudesh got stuck in the sand!  We met with our architect and finalized plans and met with the structural engineer.

March Melissa took a sewing class with Emily and they learned the fundamentals of sewing. Since the class, Melissa hasn’t found much time to sew but has a list of projects collecting on Pintrest.  We took Hart on her first outdoor adventure to Mccaysville,TN for a cabin adventure (Thanks Julie, Andrew and Gretchen).  This is where she took some steps but it wasn’t until April when the walking began.  We started to realize that remodeling May Ave from a 1940’s bungalow to a contemporary structure was not cost effective thus we met with our Realtor, David Vannort at Atlanta Intown Realty.

2012-03-24 17.58.12 2012-03-24 16.17.18 2012-03-24 16.17.15

April we took Hart to visit Disney World (one is much to young!, and it was an excuse to see Jay & Sydney) (Accommodations were courtesy of Beth and Emily, thanks for making this trip possible!)  April also brought us a visit from Grandpa Joe, Melissa’s dad, and Hart’s first steps.  As all parents experience, the kids don’t walk they run!  With plans stopped on May Ave. we put in numerous offers to foreclosures and short sales in East Atlanta, only to loose out to contractors. Ohh Sudesh also surprised Melissa with a new (to us) minivan 🙂  On the Friday before Mother’s Day Sudesh fly up to Ohio, drove four hours to the dealership, bought the minivan, then drove to Atlanta.  Melissa didn’t suspect a thing as Sudesh used the common excuse that he would be on calls all day and then out with Henry to see a local band.  The only fault in the plan was that when Sudesh pulled up to the house Human and Puppy started barking because they didn’t recognize the car.  Melissa being concerned had to check out the commotion thus finding the new van and Sudesh behind the wheel.  The plan was to present the car the next morning with a tiny bow on it.  Either way, Sudesh was able to get a fantastic deal on a Toyota Sienna so we could accommodate two kids, two dogs, two adults and guests, comfortably!

2012-04-20 18.46.47 2012-04-20 16.51.33 2012-04-20 16.01.33 2012-04-20 15.16.33 2012-05-19 10.19.47 2012-05-12 08.06.492012-04-05 12.38.25 2012-03-31 11.37.59 2012-03-31 11.37.55 2012-04-05 21.47.52

May Melissa took a course to create Computer Based Training and Sudesh started a fitness boot camp. We enjoyed the Cabin visit so much we took Hart back!  and the dogs!  The house hunt continued with our search moving away from East Atlanta to nearby neighborhoods- Ormewood Park, Grant Park, Kirkwood, Chandler Park…

June took us to Bonaroo with free back stage passes (Thanks to Sarah, Henry, and Charlotte) We also got to see the University of the South (Suwanee).  Hart loved staying up and playing with Char and they both began to conquer the stairs much to our chagrin.  More house hunting then took us to put a few offers on houses in the City of Decatur, again to loose out to higher bids.

July we enjoyed the Georgia summer heat! and found our new home… in Ormewood Park.  The move meant leaving our beloved East Atlanta, we are only 5 minutes from the May Ave. house but it meant switching schools. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, you’re concerned about school already?!?, but with Melissa being an educator it’s important to us to be involved in the local public school.  So bye Burgess-Peterson PTA, hello Parkside PTA and Neighborhood Charter PTA.  Keeping our options open, more like being involved at both in case Hart wins the lottery in a few years! July also became the month that we sold Sudesh’s Vespa, leaving his single life behind, but also brought us his beloved Low-Speed vehicle, also known as a golf cart, the Gem.  Or as Hart calls it, The Go-Go Machine.

August we bought our new house and remodeled it a little bit! (refinish some hardwood floors, install hardwoods in bedrooms, paint rooms, build a fence (remember we have two crazy dogs who like to check out the neighborhood un-escorted, making the house more energy efficient  hello 2102 rebates!).  It took awhile to purchase the house as there was some negotiating about a proposed easement… but we moved in at the end of the month.  It was the right house, the right time, so it all worked out.  Not to mention the house had everything on our wish list.  Thanks to David Vannort for his continued support finding the right house for us!  Thankfully Ajee, Chandra- Sudesh’s mother, came to help unpack boxes and set up the house (Melissa was very pregnant  so we could house an end of the month Housewarming Party.  It was a crazy timeline but with Chandra’s help we made it work! Hart started school in August at The Ormewood School.  She goes two days a week from 9:30 to 1:30 pm.  She enjoys going to school and reminds us of who she will see, Char-Char (friend & classmate), Pearl (classmate) and Debbie (one of her teachers).  Hart continues to grow leaps and bounds in her language, cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, etc. and all thanks to The Ormewood School and our fantastic nanny, Jamie Mayo.  Jamie joined us in August and has fast become a member of the family.

2012-06-27 10.39.34

September brought the nesting out in Melissa as she prepared for baby.  It also brought us a visit from Jay and Sydney.  Other than the visit, we continued to settle in the house, work and raise Hart.

October started the holiday season with Hart dressing as a Spider and enjoying passing out candy to Trick-r-Treaters.  She was under the weather so early to bed with a dose of medicine.

2012-10-27 17.06.59

November 8th brought the new family addition- Solara “Sol” Issa Girdhari.  6lbs, 8oz. She looks just like Hart but definitely has her own personality.  Chandra came to visit, help with Sol and play with Hart.  Hart has fallen in love with her Ajee, talking walks, having tea, and bonding over books and the morning routine.  Since Ajee’s visit, Hart has been asking for Ajee.  Every time the phone rings, you can hear Hart, “Ajee, Ajee, Ajee?”  We also had a fantastic visits from friends and family welcoming Sol to the family.  Melissa’s brother, Joe was Stateside and was able to come for Thanksgiving, it was a great time bonding over turkey, tablet devices and walks.  Joe and his family live in Belgium (he’s in the ARMY) so it was a special treat for the holidays.

wpid-2012-11-08_13-38-51_39.jpg2012-11-13 11.53.062012-11-23 15.49.02 2012-11-23 16.57.46 2012-11-22 13.06.05 2012-11-22 17.03.21

December has brought us bonding time with Hart and Sol and a low key Christmas.  As for the “Christmas Tree” we hadn’t had one for several years and didn’t have any decorations and now since Hart is older Melissa wanted a tree.  Sudesh was not as eager as he wanted Hart to want a tree, whereas Melissa informed me that in order for Hart to want a tree we have to give her the experience first.  The compromise was a tree the size of Hart, well a little taller, and ornaments that she could hang- no glass.   Towards the New Year we will have another visit from Jay and Sydney.

We look forward to 2013 with some activities already on the books…. Hart’s 2nd birthday, Jay & Sydney’s wedding in June, some camping this summer, Nicoli’s wedding this summer in Germany, Marlyn and Raj’s wedding in October, Sol’s 1st birthday…. to name a few.

Here’s to a fantastic and wild 2012 and a new and exciting 2013!

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Hart Meet Sol, Sol Meet Hart

While in the hospital we have been video chatting through Google Hangout, awesome, and Hart has gotten to see Baby Sol.  She hadn’t made the connection until she saw her in person.  Hart handled it well, not so much jealousy but I assume that will come, more of curiosity and exploration.  Sol was peaking out of one of her eyes checking out Hart.

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Mama and Solara Issa Girdhari


Everyone’s doing well and baby is trying to nurse

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She’s here!


A little baby girl 6 pounds 8 ounces

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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known..

It’s just not happening here (yet).. we got to the hospital way early so mostly, it’s waiting in a tiny room, while various nurses poke Melissa. Melissa and baby both are healthy, they have the baby heartbeat monitor on and it sounds just like an Orca Whale.  As of now we are scheduled for a 1 pm, there is a chance we could get bumped, so for now cross your fingers..

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